Thursday, August 16, 2007

Please pass the doggie bag, quick!!

Well we are officially back in Oregon where it is about 20 degress cooler. Boy does it feel good. Anyway we drove home on Monday. We left my parents at 1:40 in the morning and pulled into our parking lot at 12:38 in the afternoon. We would have been home a little sooner but we had a couple unplanned stops our last hour. Jeremy was whinning and complaining in his seat and I thought he was just tired of being in the car. Well next thing I know he let out a terrible burp, you know the kind where you know throw up is going to follow. So I hurry and pull out my barf bag (which several of you made fun of me for having). Luckily I caught most of it and we didn't have barf all over Jeremy and his car seat. The other good thing about all of this is that the nearest stop was Multnomah Falls. So we got to stand there for a minute and see the fall.

So we get back on the road thinking the rest of the way will be smooth sailing. Well, that wasn't so much the case, within a few minutes I hear this really loud thunk! Then I can hear something dragging. Just great, I think to myself. I look at Benson and he pulls over to the side. I ask him what happened and I guess he had run over a medal rod or something. He didn't see it before it was too late. Luckily there was no damage to our vehicle and we were back on our way within a few minutes.

And then, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing!

Playing with the pros!

My Aunt Carla works for Pepsi and they are affiliated with the Salt Lake ReAL. So Pepsi and the SL ReAL put on a little soccer camp for kids who have a family member that works for Pepsi. We happened to be in Utah when this was happening and the kids got to go the the camp. They got pizza, soda, and free soccer balls. Two of the players and the assistant coach came and taught the kids some of the basics. The kids had a really good time and at the end they got to get autographs from the players. Taking a break!
nice kick
She shoots, she scores!!!
The Gang

Thursday, August 09, 2007

hot dogs and smores

On Saturday night Laura and I decided to go to Mueller Park and roast hot dogs and smores. We had a lot of fun. Brooklyn was so patient while her hot dog cooked because she didn't want it burnt. So I had to get a picture of her eating her hard earned hot dog. Jeremy wanted to eat his right off of the stick. It took me a few minutes to figure out what he wanted with much frustration on both of our parts. Then we went down and the kids played in the creek and threw rocks. We had a blast!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Give it up for BARRY BONDS!!! Well if you missed it, tonight was the greatest night in baseball. Barry hit homerun #756 to pass Hank Aaron. If you missed it, then you have to watch it here. Oh how I wish I was there!!!!!! Go Barry!!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

fun in the sun

We are having a lot of fun in Utah, even with the heat. My parents are still out of town so we have spent a lot of time with friends. Here are some pictures of the kids from my parents backyard. Laura bought a sprinkler for the kids to run through. Jeremy and Avery had fun playing in it today.
Brooklyn and Jeremy spent the night last night at Grandma Jean's house. They love doing that. Brooklyn is even staying again tonight. Brooklyn also went to see the movie Hairspray with her today.