Monday, July 09, 2007

Japanese Garden

Jeremy smelling the flowers and watching the Koi fish.

Matt, Dayna, and the kids came to visit us. On Monday July 2nd we went to the Japanese Gardens. It was really pretty. After we walked through I took all the kids and we went home to go swimming. Matt and Dayna stayed a while longer and walked through the garden the way it is supposed to be done, with it being peaceful and quiet. The kids and I had a great time back home at the pool. Here are a few pictures from the Japanese Garden.Aspen, Caton, Jeremy, Brooklyn, and McKinley


Nobles Family said...

wow miss, that looks so pretty! you guys do such fun stuff. talk to ya soon.


Jake & Kelly said...

what an amazing place! You'll have to steal away there once in a while on your own for peace and meditation! --if that's ever possible!