Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Independence Day Celebration

On the 4th we went to Lake Oswego. We got a late start so we pretty much missed the festivities there. So we walked around a little bit, had some lunch and ended with ice cream. It was a hot day so being outside wasn't high on my list. Although, without air conditioning it didn't really matter where I was, it was hot. Jeremy was quick to make Caton his best buddy while they were here. Everything he did he wanted Caton to help him with or sit next to him etc....
Yummy ice cream on a hot day!
For fireworks we walked to the park by our house and watched the ones that were set off at Tigard High School. It was quite a nice spot and we didn't have to sit out there for hours to get a good spot. They didn't start till about 10:15 so we were getting nervous that they were the ones way off in the distance luckily we didn't give up and leave. We figured for as many people that were there they had to be better then the ones way off in the distance.

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