Thursday, June 28, 2007

Silver Falls State Park

We decided to go do something fun during one of Benson's days off this week. I mean it had been a whole week since we had gone on a family excursion so we thought it was time. We went to Silver Falls State Park. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. We had lunch at the park and then headed off to see the falls. There are a total of 10 falls but some of them require more walking then are kids were up to. We saw 4 of them. This first picture is of Jeremy crossing a bridge. He didn't want to step on any of the gaps. It was really funny, he was totally talking to himself through the process. He was concentrating so hard. This is South Falls. This waterfall drops 177 ft. It is the first one we walked/hiked to. It was really cool to see. You even get to walk behind it. It made me think of riding the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. You know, when you go behind the waterfall and everytime you do the guide makes a big deal about seeing the back side of water? If you don't remember that then it has been too long since you went to Disneyland last.
Here we are seeing the "back side" of water.
This is Lower South Falls, it drops 93 ft. It was about a mile from the first waterfall. You have to go down 185 stairs, which meant we also had to go back up that many stairs. But we did it. Brooklyn was a trooper. Jer got to ride on Dad's shoulders, so Benson was also a trooper.
This is on the other side of Lower South Falls. You also get to walk behind this one.
Here is our third waterfall stop. This is North Falls, it drops 136 ft. You also get to walk behind this one.
Our last waterfall, Upper North Falls. It was really pretty, then again they all were. I loved the way the waterfall reflected in the pool of water but was broken up by the rocks.
Benson and I want to go back when we can do the complete hike which is a total of almost 9 miles and then a 2 mile walk along the highway back to where the car is parked. Although the kids were really good I am not sure they are quite up to hiking 11 miles yet. I was pretty impressed with how much Jeremy was willing to walk. On parts of the trail we were able to push the umbrella stroller. At one point we had to walk up a big hill and Benson was pushing Jeremy and he fell asleep. I thought it was funny all of the energy it was taking for Benson to push Jeremy up this hill and Jer had to nerve to take a little nap.
We had a really fun day as a family. Of course we had a few moments of whining and complaining but not enough to ruin the day. And of course we used the threat of not getting ice cream if they didn't stop which straightened them right up. They both really enjoyed seeing the waterfalls, that made all the hiking worth it for them.


Anonymous said...

OK, you are at one of the most beautiful places that we have seen in Oregon, and the best comparison you can make is to the Jungle Cruise...Heaven help me!!!!


Bryce & Brenley said...

OK, I really love that last picture, it is super cool. The one of Jeremy is too cute, and I think that the family picture is a great one, you should use it for your christmas cards.

I really wish they had waterfalls here in Montana, but I don't think so. But our neighbor did just let us borrow his hiking guide book, so that we can find some cool hikes, although we might have to wait to do any until august when we will finally have insurance.

Bryce & Brenley said...

Michelle, I can't seem to find your email address on our computer. I wanted to email you the directions for making a banner.