Friday, May 04, 2007

Newport Beach

When we went to Disneyland we stayed at my parents time share in Newport Beach. It was really pretty. We saw bunnies hopping around the grounds. There also was a pond of fish that the kids loved to go see. Brooklyn found the putting green and she asked Grandpa to teach her how to golf. They had a really fun time. Here are a few pictures from the grounds. Our last night there we sat around the fire pit and had smores.

Jeremy, Avery, and Brooklyn
Jeremy, Grandma, Avery, and Brooklyn
Brooklyn took this picture all by herself.
This is the picture that was supposed to go down with the Disneyland ones. I thought it was only appropriate to get one of the kids behind bars.
On our way home we stayed a night with Zach and Kelly in San Jose. Zach was teaching Brooklyn how to throw a football. She had a lot of fun.

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Jake & Kelly said...

wow, that looks like a lot of fun!