Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Well I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Benson suprised me with breakfast in bed. He made my favorite, pancakes with lots of chocolate chips. They were very good. Then I got to open my presents before church. I got a new necklace, flip flops, a book, and pepper spray. I requested the pepper spray. After church we packed up a lunch and went to the park. At the park there is a trail that we took. It walks along the Tualatin River. It was really fun. Some friends of ours invited us over for dinner. We had a really good time hanging out and talking. I had to be home to watch the season finale to Survivor though. It was 3 hours of Survivor fun. It was a really nice day. I am sad it is over.

Jeremy's nursery teacher took this picture of us for Jeremy's Mother's Day gift. I put it on here because it is crazy how much the picture looks like all of Benson's brothers pictures from when they were around his age, especially with Jeremy's new haircut. I know it sounds lame but it is so nice to not have to do his hair in the morning because he fought me so much on it. Anyway, he
definitely has a Weinberger face. I think it is interesting because I think he has a lot of the Jeppson personality. He reminds me so much of my brother Steven. Jeremy is as tidy as can be and hates his hands being dirty. He also always has a mischievous smile on his face. Which I know Steven used to get in trouble for all the time because everyone always thought he was up to no good. Plus Jeremy has a love for sports. I can't wait until he is old enough to play on a team.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day too.


Jake & Kelly said...

sounds like a good day! What a great mom you are!

Anonymous said...

What is up sister and family? If Jeremy has my personality and trates he is in for a long life and so are you Benson and Michelle. Brooklyn and Jeremy when you coming to visit Dylan and Sydnee? They sure miss you guys!! We sure miss you guys and hope all is going well in Oregon. Benson how is the good old academy coming? Michelle I just bought a new treadmill so now you can come visit!! Sure love you all and hope to see you soon!!