Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well if you know me at all then you know these two big things about me. I LOVE Disneyland and I am TERRIFIED of elevators. I will start with what I love, the kids and I just got back from going to Disneyland. We had such a good time. We went with part of my family. Janel and Avery drove down with us to Disneyland. Then we met up with my parents and my sister Caitlin. Johnny (Janel's husband) met us at the end of the week and we celebrated Avery's 2nd birthday. We had such a good time. It was so much fun to take the kids on rides that I loved as a child. Brooklyn got up the nerve to try the rollercoasters and loved them. Jeremy went on the Matterhorn but decided that it was too much for him. It was so fun to listen to Brooklyn scream and giggle while riding the rollercoasters. We had such a blast.
Now for me being terrified of elevators. I went on the Tower of Terror in California Adventure. Wow, was that scary! I can't believe I did it and I would actually like to go on it again. Before I went on my dad told me that he didn't think I should go due to my major fear of elevators. But I didn't want to be a wimp. As I was standing in line with my brother in law Johnny and my sister Caitlin I was talking about how much I hate elevators. Johnny didn't know quite what to say. He kept saying you will be fine but just before we stepped into the ride he said, "Well, there is no reason that you should be going on this ride. It is everything you hate but yet here you are. I hope you're okay." At this point he knew it was too late for me to change my mind. It was pretty crazy. the carousel
Jer, Me, and Brooklyn in front of the castle.
Taking a break for some ice cream.
You have to have a picture with Mickey!
Buzz Lightyear, the first ride we went on.

Thanks to Auntie Adrienne the kids got to get hats. I was so glad Jeremy chose Mickey ears. He looked so stinkin' cute.
Sorry duplicate, but I couldn't figure out how to delete just one picture.

What a great week!!!!
It really is the happiest place on Earth!
(at least in my opinion)


Anonymous said...

Wow Michelle, I am really proud of you. I remember you and Aaron (while Benson insensitively took the elevator with me) taking the stairs at that cabin at Snowbird, just to avoid the 3 or 4 flights up in the elevator. What's next for the Weinberger family, Benson submerging his entire head in water?

Weinberger Family said...

Well it has definitely not cured my fear of elevators. It will still be stairs for me. As for Benson submerging his entire head in water, well I think that will take me or one of the kids drowning and he being the only one around to help. That is a scary thought, drowning and Benson being the only one around to help!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I have been living the false dream that our home is the happiest place on Earth. Oh well, I guess if I charged lots of money to enter through the front door, it would be a lot happier!!!