Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tulip Festival

Tulips, tulips everywhere! Benson got off of work at 12:30 on Friday so we met him in Woodburn and then we drove to the Tulip Festival. The tulips were very pretty. It was pretty cool to see so many tulips.
These 3 tulips were my favorite.


Jake & Kelly said...

HI! I just got a comment from Amanda Bayless...but don't know her email or have a way to write back. Do you have any info on her? They live pretty close to us so it would be fun to get together :) The tulips are great!!!

Brenley said...

Did you get rained on? We did, pea sized hail too! It wasnt so fun.

I am taking care of my neices and nephew for the week, lets try to get together maybe on monday?