Friday, April 06, 2007

a monumental week

Well it has been an exciting week for the kids. Jeremy decided that he wanted to start using the big boy potty. Although he doesn't want to use it consistently I still consider it to be a good start. He gets very excited when he poops. It is amazing how much kids enjoy the little things in life. As a parent I also consider it to be very exciting to have my child using the "big boy potty".

As for Brooklyn she got her first loose tooth today. At first she was very nervous about it until we got excited. Then she called all the grandparents. Of course all of them got excited also. After all that she now thinks it is pretty cool to have a loose tooth. I just can't believe that my baby is old enough to have a loose tooth. Not only that but my other baby is potty training. I guess it is time for another one! ;) Don't worry, it's not something we have even talked about yet!

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Jake & Kelly said...

Looks like lots is going on! I love the mini van...we still have at least 5 years till that happens, but I'm anxiously awaiting the day!