Monday, April 02, 2007

Here is the BIG news!

Well we have officially added a new member to our family by purchasing a minivan. Benson was very hesitant but then finally said, "I'm happy if your happy." Although a minivan is not my dream car it is definitely exciting to get. It is so nice to have some more space. So now we need to have visitors because we have a big enough townhome and a big enough vehicle.


The Wilberger's said...

Your new addition is beautiful! Lucky you! We have some big news to post on our blog soon also!

Weinberger Family said...

Just so none of you think we hit the jackpot our van is actually a 2000. People that have seen it from the outside ask me if it is brand new. For being a family car it is actually in pretty good shape.
Brenley, you are not allowed to leave me in suspense. It drives me crazy! I am excited to find out what it is!

Anonymous said...

mis- it's pretty and shiny! i'm happy for you guys! can't wait to see you. -janel