Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

This first picture is of the kids outside of our front door. We were getting ready to go to the first of four easter egg hunts they had this year. We had a easter egg hunt with our play group, then the apartment committee had one here at the apartments and then we got together with some friends and had one. Then of course the Easter Bunny also had to bring treats. These pictures are all from the first hunt. The kids of course had a blast at all of them. It is so fun to watch them run around collecting eggs. In the second picture sitting next to Brooklyn is her good friend Heidi. If you have talked to Brooklyn on the phone then you know all about Heidi. Jeremy loves her too. Whenever he sees her he yells her name. It is really cute. Heidi's sister Nicole is sitting next to her. The kids also love her.

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