Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cannon Beach

Laura came to visit for her birthday. On her big day we went to Cannon Beach. We had fun but it was really windy and rainy. So we didn't spend a lot of time out of the car. We also went to an aquarium in Seaside where we got to feed the seals. The seals would clap and splash water at you to get you to feed them. Benson got pretty wet. The kids were scared but it was a lot of fun. The last picture is of the kids holding a sand dollar. They had a touch tank. Jeremy had a lot of fun touching different sea creatures. Brooklyn would only touch the sand dollar. We had a really fun day.

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Jake & Kelly said...

what a beautiful beach! I miss the beach being so in NY. We don't have much of a beach here...the only one I know of that's supper beachy & popular is 3 hours away. I'll have to find one closer and take Maria this summer.