Friday, January 12, 2007

We COULDN'T start the fire...

Here we are in our new apartment. Benson couldn't get the fire started, finally his brother had seen enough and decided to step in. Matthew also didn't have much luck until he stuck a piece of paper that was on fire up the flue. Then it started to suck the air up and we had a fire! We are so excited to have a fireplace.

We love being here in Oregon. It is beautiful. We love our aparment and the town we live in. We even live in a great ward. It was really cute the other day the sun came out and Jeremy got all excited and yelled, "SUN"! It was cute.

Believe it or not we have already had some obstacles. On our way to Oregon we started hearing some really loud noises coming from the car. When we got here we took our car to a shop. We had to replace the front bearings and a whole list of other things to add up to $1000.00 worth of work. So, during Benson's first week of work we were trying to get our car in working condition. Then I had had a sore throat for a few days and ended up having to go the the doctor. I had strep throat. Of course it had to come in the month that we didn't have health insurance. But, we know that these are just little bumps in the road and everybody has stuff like this all the time.


Amanda said...

You've arrived! What a journey huh? Sorry this is the first time you've heard from me. I check your blog quite a bit. Let me know what your new address is. Your apartment looks beautiful and y'all look so happy. Congrats!

Cait said...

Oh Hey Shell Bell! It's your favorite sister Caitlin! I'm glad you're having fun in Oregon, I want to see pictures of your house (inside and out) so post some you crazy little blogger you! okay well love you, talk to you soon!