Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ten years and counting

Well today marks 10 years since Benson and I went on our first date. On January 31, 1997 we doubled with Aaron Smith and Annie McBride. We went and saw Star Wars (during which I fell asleep). My defense is that Benson didn't know that I had fallen asleep and he knew I didn't like Star Wars. We also went to Baskin Robins for ice cream. Benson made sure before we went out that he didn't have to take me to dinner and he certainly didn't. I would like to thank Benson's other friends (Kenny, Ben, Paul and Brad) for being out of town. When Benson asked me out he told me his friends were out of town so he needed someone to do something with. He tried to play it so casual. His friends were quite surprised when they came back and found out Benson had been hanging out with this girl everyday while they were gone. I think they wanted to know when they were going to get Benson back and they may say that they never really did. Benson and I spent just about every waking minute that we could together after that first date. Anyway, I look forward to many more dates with him and can't believe it has been 10 years since our first.


Jake & Kelly said...

awh! that's so great!

Anonymous said...

how sweet! -janel

Anonymous said...

Hey you need to post some more things so that I can show you off to people here...Love Benson