Monday, January 22, 2007

Oregon Zoo

We took the kids to the Zoo on Saturday. It was a little cold but they didn't complain. I complained but they didn't. They loved seeing the penguins. One penguin loved the reflection off of Brooklyn's coat and was following her back and forth against the glass. Jeremy's also loved the monkeys. I think because he acts so much like them. He loves to pretend he is a monkey. It is so funny to watch his impression of them. We had a lot of fun and we are excited to go again when we can ride the train and when the bear exhibit is completed. Thanks to Sarah for a wonderful Christmas gift. She bought us a year pass to the zoo so now we will be able to take the kids often.


janel said...

how fun. it is 60+ degrees her in Cali...we need to go to the zoo!

amanda said...

Sam asked me today if we could go outside and play and I said, "It's too cold; lets wait till Spring." Granted, it's more like 35-40 degrees here, but I'm sure Sam would like a more adventurous Mom like you during the Winter.