Thursday, January 25, 2007

Loving the lower altitude!

I am really excited because I ran 6 miles today. That is the most I have ever run at one time. Who knows maybe I will be able to run a marathon someday. Benson is also starting to run a lot. So maybe soon enough I will have a running partner. It felt so good to run that far. I couldn't wait to tell Benson. I think I could have gone longer but Jeremy was complaining because he was poopy. Oh the joys of being a mom. The only bad news is that I need to go grocery shopping and don't really have the energy to go and wrestle with 2 kids while trying to shop.


Jake & Kelly said...

wow!!!! That's sooo greaT! way to go!!!! Did you have Jeremy in the running stroller or something? Marathon here you come! hey, enter some pics in my contest....please?

Stahlemobile said...

Congrats! 6 miles is great! I think the furthest I've ever made it was five. I'm impressed!

dad said...

Only six miles?! Way to go Red!