Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ten years and counting

Well today marks 10 years since Benson and I went on our first date. On January 31, 1997 we doubled with Aaron Smith and Annie McBride. We went and saw Star Wars (during which I fell asleep). My defense is that Benson didn't know that I had fallen asleep and he knew I didn't like Star Wars. We also went to Baskin Robins for ice cream. Benson made sure before we went out that he didn't have to take me to dinner and he certainly didn't. I would like to thank Benson's other friends (Kenny, Ben, Paul and Brad) for being out of town. When Benson asked me out he told me his friends were out of town so he needed someone to do something with. He tried to play it so casual. His friends were quite surprised when they came back and found out Benson had been hanging out with this girl everyday while they were gone. I think they wanted to know when they were going to get Benson back and they may say that they never really did. Benson and I spent just about every waking minute that we could together after that first date. Anyway, I look forward to many more dates with him and can't believe it has been 10 years since our first.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Loving the lower altitude!

I am really excited because I ran 6 miles today. That is the most I have ever run at one time. Who knows maybe I will be able to run a marathon someday. Benson is also starting to run a lot. So maybe soon enough I will have a running partner. It felt so good to run that far. I couldn't wait to tell Benson. I think I could have gone longer but Jeremy was complaining because he was poopy. Oh the joys of being a mom. The only bad news is that I need to go grocery shopping and don't really have the energy to go and wrestle with 2 kids while trying to shop.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oregon Zoo

We took the kids to the Zoo on Saturday. It was a little cold but they didn't complain. I complained but they didn't. They loved seeing the penguins. One penguin loved the reflection off of Brooklyn's coat and was following her back and forth against the glass. Jeremy's also loved the monkeys. I think because he acts so much like them. He loves to pretend he is a monkey. It is so funny to watch his impression of them. We had a lot of fun and we are excited to go again when we can ride the train and when the bear exhibit is completed. Thanks to Sarah for a wonderful Christmas gift. She bought us a year pass to the zoo so now we will be able to take the kids often.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Our Apartment

Well some of you have been asking for pictures of our apartment. Here are a few. I will take pictures of the kids rooms today. We aren't totally done decorating. We still have some pictures in the kids rooms to hang. We also need to hang our curtains. But you get the idea. The picture with the computer in it is taken from the family room looking into the kitchen and eating area. Everything else is pretty easy to figure out.

Snow Day!

We woke up Tuesday morning to big snow flakes coming down. The kids were so excited and wanted to go outside with the neighborhood kids. So we went out and the kids were sledding down the little hill out our back door. They had a lot of fun. Brooklyn was also excited because she made new friends.

The schools were closed for 2 days and started late on Thursday due to the snow. It is amazing what a little snow can do to some cities. Unfortunately Benson still had to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Luckily he made it to and from work with no problems.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Benson's swearing in ceremony

Benson was sworn in on January 2nd, which was his first day of work. It was exciting to be there and to support him. The kids liked his badge. The first picture is of us with the Police Chief.

We COULDN'T start the fire...

Here we are in our new apartment. Benson couldn't get the fire started, finally his brother had seen enough and decided to step in. Matthew also didn't have much luck until he stuck a piece of paper that was on fire up the flue. Then it started to suck the air up and we had a fire! We are so excited to have a fireplace.

We love being here in Oregon. It is beautiful. We love our aparment and the town we live in. We even live in a great ward. It was really cute the other day the sun came out and Jeremy got all excited and yelled, "SUN"! It was cute.

Believe it or not we have already had some obstacles. On our way to Oregon we started hearing some really loud noises coming from the car. When we got here we took our car to a shop. We had to replace the front bearings and a whole list of other things to add up to $1000.00 worth of work. So, during Benson's first week of work we were trying to get our car in working condition. Then I had had a sore throat for a few days and ended up having to go the the doctor. I had strep throat. Of course it had to come in the month that we didn't have health insurance. But, we know that these are just little bumps in the road and everybody has stuff like this all the time.

Christmas Day

Here are some pictures of the kids and their cousin Avery on Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa Jeppson's house. We had a really fun Christmas. We spent the morning with my family and then the rest of the day with Benson's family. Unfortunately all of our pictures from Benson's mom's house are fuzzy.