Thursday, December 07, 2006

Officer Weinberger reporting for duty!

Well of the title didn't give it away, Benson was hired by the Portland Police Department! We went to Portland for a long weekend this last weekend for Benson to finish up the testing. Then he was told yesterday the 6th that he was hired and he starts January 2nd. Luckily I went with him and we were able to find a great place to live. We are really excited about our upcoming adventure. We just didn't realize that the move would take place so soon.

I would have some pictures of our trip but we forgot our camera. But we went and saw Multnomah Falls, it was absolutely beautiful. It was freezing, luckily Benson had is coat to let me use! If you have never been to Portland then you should go not only because we want guests but it is beautiful.


Stahlemobile said...

Congratulations, you guys! I'm so happy for you!!!!

Jake & Kelly said...

yippy! I'm so happy for you guys! when do you take off? i'm glad you found an apt. and everything...that will be so great! good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Benson, I'm sorry I didn't call you--Tara's fam is in town and we got busy. As I said on my message, we should make an over/under on how many hours before you make your first marijuana bust. Darn hippies. Kenny