Sunday, December 17, 2006

Anyone for liver?

Interesting title I know! If you haven't heard we had a really bad few days. Benson was contacted by the officer that is handling his hiring and was told that his blood tests came back and he had failed. Apparently his liver readings were off the charts and because so he didn't have a job in Portland until new tests were run and they came back normal. If you can imagine we were really frustrated because he had been told that he was good to go and to make moving arrangments. So we did. We both have informed our jobs, we told our landlords, put money down on a new apartment and reserved a moving truck. So we were scrambling to find a doctor here that would call in blood labs for him. Luckily we have connections through Benson's mom who works at the hospital. On Thursday Benson went and had his blood drawn again and on Friday we got the results. One score is a little high but nothing of concern. On Wednesday he has a follow up appt with the doctor to completely sign him off. So keep your fingers crossed. Once the scores came back and it all looked good Benson called and informed the Portland doctor because he is the one that has to approve him to be hired. Well during that conversation the doctor then informed Benson that he had interpruted his depth perception results wrong and that he had really failed. So once again that means no job. So 3:00 on Friday we called every eye doctor in the area to get Benson in for an appointment. Luckily we found one in Salt Lake that would see him that evening and Benson passed the depth perception test. So, we are back on track for our move on December 28th. But as Benson has said to me before he is cautiously optomistic. I told him I won't feel totally comfortable until January 2nd when he has completed his first day of work.


the wilberger's said...

Hey guys,
That truly sucks that they have put you through all of that. We will pray that the rest goes smoothly. Call us for any help you need. See you soon.

Jake & Kelly said...

ahhhh! what a mess! I hope everything goes smoothly guys deserve it! We'll be praying for you all

Lourdes and family said...

Hang in there! All we turn out well. I will have you in my prayers. Love you both. Be strong
Kisses and Hugs