Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hello, is anyone there?

Ok, so I told Benson that I am going to stop doing this blog thing because nobody ever looks at it besides me. He told me I was crazy, that people look at it. So I ask all of you to respond so that I know someone other then me looks at it. All you have to do is respond to this post and say that you look at it.
Thanks so much! (In my best Utah voice.)


Stahlemobile said...

Hey Michelle! I read your blog all the time! I guess I haven't been doing the best at commenting. I'll try and be better!

Jake & Kelly said...

ha! i just went through the same thing with my blog...i asked my whole family if i was just making it for myself. now my comments are up...they all said they didn't know how to comment...humph. i look at your blog at least 5 times a week :)

Zach said...

Hey Michelle,

This is Zach. I look at the blog a bunch so I can see how life in Utah is going for your family. I use the pictures of the kids on the background of my computer.

Janel said...

hey miss-

i love your blog. it's so fun to see updates, cause i miss you guys so much!! the halloween pics are so cute.

DAD said...

I look at the blog regularly and frequently. I love to check on my grandkids and their exploits.

The Wilberger's said...

Benson & Michelle,
Both Bryce & I look at your blog at least once a week. I think it is so fun, and I love looking at pictures. We are excited to see you when you come to Oregon. hopefully the weather will be better, it has been raining none stop.
Brenley (& Bryce)

Lourdes and family said...

Hi Michelle
It's me, Lourdes the worst
friend ever! I look I your
blog at least once a week but
I don't always comment because
that takes time, and lately I don't have any time for much.
Miss your family sooo much!
I am going to cry now so goodbye!