Saturday, November 04, 2006


Brooklyn was Tinkerbell for Halloween and Jeremy was a firefighter. Brooklyn thought it was so cool she got to put on make up for Halloween. Jeremy wasn't really thrilled about wearing a costume until he found out that it got him candy. After that he was pretty cool with it.


Jake & Kelly said...

your halloween looks like it was fun! Jeremey is getting sooo big! Man, sounds like your root canal was torture! ouch! so, did i tell you I'm a mystery shopper now? ha! I just do little jobs whenever, and it's fun with Maria because I tell her we are spies and we have to be sneaky...are you still working on the weekends?
time is flying, I can't believe it's already almost Thanksgiving and Christmas! yippy! Happy Holidays!

Jake & Kelly said...

email is

email me and I'll write back more about the shopping thing