Thursday, September 21, 2006


I thought I would update all of you on our lives. Today is mine and Benson's 6 year anniversary. I cannot believe it has been 6 years. So much has happened in our lives. I have been looking back and reflecting on things I would have done different and things I am glad we did. In case there is any confusion, marrying Benson is one of the things I would not change. Obviously this picture is from our wedding day. It is by no means the best picture. Unfortunately most everything we own is in storage. This was the 1 picture I could find.

Benson had a phone interview with his background investigator from the Portland PD on Tuesday. Everything went well. The officer said that he was going to try and schedule Benson to come out the first week of November to finish the other tests. I would tell you what those tests are but I don't even remember anymore. We are really excited that things are moving along. This process has been going on for almost a year now. So Bryce and Brinley hopefully we will be heading your way in the next few months.

As for me I am liking my new job. If I have to work then this is definitely a nice job to have. I am working at a spa and once a month I get a free treatment. This month I am going to get a facial. I have never had one before and I am really excited about it. But about the actual job, my boss is really accommodating to my schedule. I also really like the girls I work with.

Brooklyn is doing well. She is very excited about being 5 now. She thinks she is such a big girl. She even did her own hair today. It is a good thing we don't have plans on taking her out of the house. Actually it isn't that bad! On Sunday, which was the day before her birthday, she asked me if I would please call her either Birthday Girl or 5 Years Old. That is what she wanted to be known as. I thought is was pretty funny. I tried to remember to call her one of those names all day.

Jeremy is talking more and more but still isn't very easy to understand. What is really hard is you can't say "oh really" to him. When you do, he knows that you don't know what he is saying and he gets really frustrated. It was really cute the other day, he was sitting on my lap and he looked back at me and said, "love you". Then he looked over at Benson and said, "Dad, love you". It was so stinkin' cute. I am getting a little nervous that he is so hard to understand though. He goes to the doctor in a couple of weeks and I am going to try and get him into a ENT doctor to have everything checked out. We will see what they say.

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Jake & Kelly said...

Spank you for the update. Your job sounds cool with nice perks! Why are kids always so funny? I about die laughing when Maria yawns :) ...sooo much better than being a nanny!