Sunday, September 17, 2006

BEWARE: Bear Tracks!

Well we did it. We went to Hope Campground up Provo Canyon and we had a successful family camping trip. The kids slept better in the tent then they usually do at home. I told Benson that I was going to pitch a tent in the front yard and sleep the kids in it every night. All kidding aside, we had a really good time with the kids roasting marshmallows and playing around. Although, I had to lay aside my hatred of the kids being really dirty and gross. Also, Brooklyn swore she saw a bear paw print within the first 5 minutes we were there. The interesting thing about it is that it looked just like Benson's shoe print. Amazing how that is.

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Jake & Kelly said...

aack! I'm soooo jealous! I've been dying to go camping! It's been raining every weekend here, so it just hasn't happened. I take Maria hiking a lot on the river here!!! Brooklyn's birthday looked like lots of fun...i love the photo with her quilt...her head is just kind of sitting on top...cute! Hey, i just read back on your blog about you getting a is that going?