Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New York state of mind

Just a few thoughts I have had today....i miss NY, i miss my friends in NY, i miss going to the NY Mets games, i miss my NY apartment, i miss having the missionaries over for dinner in my NY apartment, i miss Jones Beach (which is in NY), i miss going to the cheesecake factory really late at night with my NY friends, i miss the craziness of NY!

This is all very interesting since I am the one that wanted to move away from NY! The grass is always greener....... right?


Paul Stahle said...

I agree. It seems like there is always something to be missing and to be looking forward to. I miss Utah, Texas, and North Carolina. I look forward to a promotion, my next job, possibly joining the Foreign Service, maybe moving away from this area, having a third child in March, etc., etc., etc. I think the key to life is just to choose to be happy now, because if you don't, you'll just miss out on all the joys around us everyday.

Lourdes and family said...

You can always move back:}
We miss you very much too.
We haven't gone to Cheesecake
since, I can't even remember
it's been so long.
Come back and visit soon,
our home is your home always!