Tuesday, June 20, 2006

our big move

Well we have made the big move back to Utah from New York. We really miss New York and the friends we made there. Hopefully our stay in Utah won't be too long. Altough it has been fun to be by family we are anxious for Benson to get a job.

Here are some pictures that we have taken since we have been back in Utah with family. Brooklyn and Jeremy have really enjoyed being with everyone. This first picture we are at Janel's house it is Sydnee, Brooklyn, Jeremy, Avery and Dylan. They are having a fun day in the sun. Meanwhile I am hiding somewhere in the shade.

This next picture is in Matt and Dayna's backyard. We are having a fire and the kids are roasting marshmallows and we are eating smore's. Jeremy love's fire. It is kind of scary. He gets so excited when he sees us pulling out the matches. Brooklyn also had a blast roasting marshmallows and eating them off the stick. In the picture is Caton, Aspen, Brooklyn, Benson and Jeremy.

Here is a picture of just us at Baurnes Park in Kaysville. We were at a family birthday party. We could hardly tear Brooklyn away from Grandma Jean long enough to take a family picture.

This last picture is us at Antelope Island. Benson had a day off work and Antelope Island is where we ended up. The kids had fun feeding the seagulls and I had fun avoiding getting pooped on. We had a fun family day together.

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Paul Stahle said...

Love the blog! Sorry, I didn't come sooner, but I just got your email (I have converted to gmail). Hope all is well. Definitly keep it up-to-date so we know how things are going.

God Bless!