Monday, June 26, 2006

just another day

Well I took some pictures of the kids this weekend but I don't know how to download them onto the computer, so instead you get a picture of Brooklyn at Jones Beach, NY back in September 2004. I thought it would be a good picture for this very hot day.

Here is what has been going on the last few days for the Weinbergers...

I was officially going to be really strict about my diet again starting today. Well, Brooklyn was begging to get chicken nuggets from Wendy's and since yesterday she asked Benson and he told her someday she turned that into today. So for lunch instead of eating my salad I got a spicy chicken sandwich, although with no mayo, some french fries, a little sprite and also a little bit of the...crap, i can't remember the name but the chocolate ice cream. So I went from salad to that. Apparently that wasn't good enough for me so a little later I had some chocolate chips and peanut butter, oh the joys of being at home all day. But, I justify it all with the fact that I went running this morning.

Well enough about me, Brooklyn went to her.......wait, screaming child.......Jeremy just got up from his nap, he wakes up and yells for me. He is not one of those sweet children that just says, "Mommy, I'm awake!" He insists on yelling at the top of his lungs. So, back to Brooklyn, she went to her play school class on Friday and she made a volcano that she brought home that we could erupt. Well within hours Jeremy had taken the wooden spoon to the volcano and destroyed the poor thing. I think I was able to repair it well enough so that it can be our family night activity tonight. Then today she made a bird feeder and homemade butter. I haven't tasted the butter but the kids loved it.

Jeremy is 2 and we have church from 1-4 in the afternoon. So any of you who have been through the age 2 with one of your children you don't need me to explain anymore. For those of you who have not yet been blessed with having a 2 year old Jeremy had a complete breakdown in the middle of Sacrament meeting due to the fact that his nap is typically from 1-3. I was trying to entertain him and so I was asking him about nursery and if he had fun. Normally Jeremy will just say yes several times and the conversation will be over. Well as I am asking, he keeps moving his finger in a cirle to try and tell me what he did. He was very passionate about me knowing this and became louder and louder as I was trying to guess what it is that he did in nursery that he wanted to tell me. Benson ended up taking him out to try and quiet him down and Benson had to eventually just go home and put him to bed. One huge benefit to living back in Utah is that the church is across the street as opposed to in another city like it was in NY so Brooklyn and I were not stranded at the church. I have found that sometimes you just have to find the one good thing in a situation or you will go completely crazy.

As for Benson he still misses New York and has to buy anything that in anyway represents New York. That pretty much sums him up. We are still waiting to hear back from the police departments and we are getting very anxious. We do have a trip planned for my birthday this upcoming weekend. We are going to Colorado to watch the Giants beat the Rockies (keep your fingers crossed). We are staying at this way nice hotel that we found on for cheap. We will be back for the 4th to celebrate with our kids.

We hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. We'll be back soon.

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