Friday, June 23, 2006

Jeremy's 2nd Birthday party

Happy Birthday Jeremy!
In this picture is Aunt Cait, Grandma Jeppson, Grandma Jean, Aunt Kathi, Ashli and Brooklyn.
Jeremy turned 2 on the 15th of June. We had a baseball birthday party. He loves baseball. Jeremy had a lot of fun playing with all of his cousins.
Jeremy eating a baseball cupcake! Yummy!

Great Grandpa Jeppson was even able to come to his birthday party. Then there is Grandpa Jeppson, Aunt Cait, Grandma Jean, Sydnee and Jeremy.

Jeremy's baseball field birthday cake that Aunt Janel made.

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Stahlemobile said...

I can't believe Jeremy is two! Cute birthday cake, cupcakes, and birthday boy!